Product Quality Matters

Suppliers of high quality fish oil and flaxseed oil take many precautions to prevent heat, light and oxygen exposure. Unless adequate precautions are taken, products will oxidize, becoming less effective and rancid.

Cooking with flaxseed oil/meal can impart a bitter taste that may go unnoticed in a few foods.  However, LeenLife fatty acid esters impart no flavour and have been successfully added to a large spectrum of foods.

LeenLife products have been used as an additive to foods, such as bread, cheese, milk, meat products, noodles and juices.  There has been no impact on:


Shelf life

Loss of omega fatty acids

Unlike other omega products, the use of LeenLife Omega 3 in the manufacturing of food products does not affect the taste of the food product.  It has a longer shelf life and there is virtually no loss in the level of omega fatty acids in LeenLife products even when heated to 230 degrees Celsius.