Stable shelf life over 2 years.

The slower more sustained release of LeenLife fatty acid ethyl esters improves fatty acid absorption in tissues over a 24 hour period instead of peaking in 3 to 5 hours, as with many other omega products.

LeenLife-E is Plant based, derived from high quality flaxseed oil.

Proprietary manufacturing process eliminates any toxins and harmful substances.

LeenLife’s Omega 3 ethyl esters are thermally stable with no fishy taste, making them ideal additives for a broad spectrum of foods.

Unlike other omega products, the use of LeenLife Omega 3 in the manufacturing of food products does not affect the taste of the food product.  It has a longer shelf life and there is virtually no loss in the level of omega fatty acids in LeenLife products even when heated to 230 degrees Celsius.