LeenLife has developed a patented process to isolate omega 3 fatty acids from flax (linen) seeds. LeenLife omega products are in the form of an oil or a powder with a purity in excess of 98%. The products are sold as a food additive to food processors making such items as bread, noodles and milk products.


Over the past 15 years our research team has conducted over 100 thousand hours of strenuous agrotechnological, biochemical, toxicological, and clinical tests in the development of LeenLife Omega 3.

Omega Sources

Omega fatty acids come from both plant and animal sources. LeenLife Omega 3 oil products are plant based and extracted from raw linseed oil.


More stability. A slower more sustained release for absorption into tissues. LeenLife-E is Plant based. Read about all the advantages here

Customers & Uses

LeenLife Omega 3 is currently being used as a food additive in foods sold by global manufacturers in Poland, Australia and Japan.

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